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Company Name: Prosperous Silicone Products (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
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Silicone Grips

Silica gel gripping ring with environmentally friendly production of silicone, you can bite the grip of the circle, non-toxic tasteless and more secure, grip strength of the body compact and easy to carry, anytime, anywhere exercise hand strength, all ages, factory direct wholesale!

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Product Details

Product Name: Silicone Grips
Material: food grade silicone
Shape: O-shaped / shaped
Manufacturers: prosperous
Processing methods: forming - processing - goods seized
Daily production capacity: 50000pcs / day
Exercise principle: hold the extreme position after the slow relaxation, until the palm of your hand muscle slightly acidic so far!
Silicone grip for the crowd:
30BLA: children and children over 7 years old
40BAL: suitable for ladies and most people use
50BAL: men and customers of the larger, the best choice for female customers

Silicone Gripper / Circle Instructions for use:
Action points: the arm does not move, tighten the shoulders, three fingers forced to grip the limit after 3 seconds to relax in the clenched, rehabilitation and the elderly can be more shortened time to grasp.
Exercise: daily use of grip strength exercise 500-800 times, minutes later morning, after 8 o'clock is not recommended to do, will cause plant nervous system disorders, affecting the laws of human biological species, rehabilitation and the elderly please reduce as appropriate!

Tips: grip strength in the process of exercise, is a small variable from the variable, grip strength or grip strength when the scientific method is to buy the hardness of the three or four sets of similar, first soften and then pinch the soft Hard some After repeated use, please remember to clean the grip force circle, so as to avoid the use of different groups of bacteria infection, save as far as possible in the shade, can effectively extend the baby's life!

Company name: thriving silica gel products (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
Address: Shenzhen city Longhua District Road, Dalang street, Benson Baifuli Industrial Zone E building
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18938849531 (Deng Xiaojie)
Line phone: 0755-6116 2288
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