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Company Name: Prosperous Silicone Products (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
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Silicone car cushion

Silicone car cushion with a unique raised 3D pillar design, the use of silicic acid polycondensation of inorganic polymer alternating material is the main component of SIO2.NH20, its content of more than 98% non-toxic and tasteless, physical and chemical properties of the temperature, with resistance Grinding, compression, bending and other characteristics!

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Product Details

【Product Name】: silicone car cushion / 3D breathable silicone cushion
【Applicable models】: General type
【Material】: baby grade silicone
【Season】: four seasons common, spring and summer more
【Product Weight】: 1KG
【Installation】: straight shop
【Product color】: black and red blue brown
【Washing method】: water red

Silicone car cushion 4 Highlights:
Silicone car cushion to promote systemic blood circulation: far infrared can penetrate the body 15cm, to promote smooth microvascular circulation, enhance the body's immunity and cure rate!
Silicone car cushion cushion to do long fatigue: the unique 3D pillar design, combined with the body curve to the progressive form of massage hips, to relax the muscle link sedentary effect!
Silicone cushion has a good ventilation and ventilation: 580 high elastic massage pillars support the buttocks, pillars of the gap between the air circulation, effectively prevent the cause of eczema caused by long!
Silicone pad to stimulate the hip points: 580 massage electric shock, while stimulating Chengxiao points, ring jump points, will be the temple, the edge of the edge points, long strong points, etc.!

Company name: thriving silica gel products (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
Address: Shenzhen city Longhua District Road, Dalang street, Benson Baifuli Industrial Zone E building
24 hour call:
18938849531 (Deng Xiaojie)
Line phone: 0755-6116 2288
Fax: 0755-6112 0112