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Company Name: Prosperous Silicone Products (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
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Apple X silicone phone sets

Apple x Silicone Case This Silicone case is specially designed for the iPhone. The shape and volume buttons, the side buttons fit in and out of the way, and can fit closely to the body lines and precision CNC molds. The buttons are good and the socket is unobstructed , The whole precise fit does not affect the signal without electricity

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Product Name: Apple x silicone phone sets
Product Type: iPhone X
Product Size: 4.7 inch / 5.5 inch
Product packaging: opp
Color: Variety of colors, can be customized
Express: freight or express delivery

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This series of silicone protective shell designed for the iPhone tailor made, shape and volume buttons, buttons fit the side buttons, and close to the fuselage lines, precision CNC mode, the buttons feel good, jack unobstructed, the whole machine accurate Fit
Not charged does not affect the signal
No significant redundant. In addition, soft lining made of microfiber, as much as possible to care for your iPhone. The external silicone material gives a silky smooth feel. There is no need to remove the protective case even when charging iPhone X wirelessly.

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1. Performance: Made of high-quality silicone material, non-toxic, tasteless, soft texture, feel good, with super wear resistance, strong adhesion;
2. Quality Certification: through the International Organization for Standardization ISO, SGS, ROHS, FDA, LFGB certification.

Company name: thriving silica gel products (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
Address: Shenzhen city Longhua District Road, Dalang street, Benson Baifuli Industrial Zone E building
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Line phone: 0755-6116 2288
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