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Company Name: Prosperous Silicone Products (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
Address: Longhua New District, Shenzhen, China Everbright Street, Bai Furei Industrial Zone E Building
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Apple 7 phone shell

Prosperous silicone products manufacturers, 14 years specializing in the production of silicone phone shell, is a professional silicone phone shell design, production and sales as one of the Industrial Company! And provide a variety of silicone products, plastic products on behalf of the processing services!

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Product Details

Product Name: Apple 7 phone shell
Material: liquid silicone + PC + Microfiber
Color: Available in various colors
Features: soft touch, no deformation, environmental non-toxic

Packing specifications:
1, the packaging: PE bag
2, packaging: carton
3, special requirements can be customized

1. Very soft, comfortable feel: This is the favorite of most friends like silicone phone case.
2. Protective and strong: good elasticity silicone, shock and drop have a good buffer effect, can well protect the phone.
3 long life cycle: anti-UV, high temperature, but not easy to deformation, can use a longer period of time.
4. Insulation is good: silicone is an insulator, so it is safer for cell phone users.
5. Rich colors: silicone phone can be very rich in color, can produce a variety of graphic designs
The company is located in:
The company is located in:
Our advantages:
1, We have excellent design team, can provide you with the most professional solution in the design of silicone handset products and molds.
2, the mold is the basis of all products, mold determines the merits of the product 80% of the quality, we have set up more than ten years of mold Division, the introduction of South Korea's advanced UV transfer technology for the production of quality products provide a solid basis. And can quickly solve all the problems related to the mold.
3, prosperous Long-term well-known brand OEM at home and abroad UV transfer products, equipped with advanced production equipment and testing instruments, can quickly solve the problems found in the production process.
4, the company has its own optical coating sector, the introduction of sophisticated optical coating equipment and professionals to provide you with rapid, accurate and high quality optical coating, color plating, a variety of color coating solutions. Battery cover high pressure molding, cell phone battery cover bending process, and processing AR coatings, waterproofing membrane and other high-end product coating process.
5, prosperous master UV transfer surface treatment process, equipped with dust-free purification plant, automatic UV transfer machine, optical coating equipment, automatic spraying line, automatic screen printing machine, high speed carved machine, CCD shooting machine, die cutting machine, Laser engraving machine and other professional equipment to meet your high product requirements. Long-term well-known brand OEM products at home and abroad, in UV transfer surface treatment technology professional far ahead of peers.
6, strict quality control process, and strive to provide customers with zero complaints.
The company is located in:
The company is located in:
Contact: Miss Deng
Mobile: 18938886548
Tel: 0755-6116 2288
Fax: 0755-6116 2288
Address: Longhua New District, Shenzhen, China Everbright Street, Bai Fuli Industrial Area E Building

Company name: thriving silica gel products (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
Address: Shenzhen city Longhua District Road, Dalang street, Benson Baifuli Industrial Zone E building
24 hour call:
18938849531 (Deng Xiaojie)
Line phone: 0755-6116 2288
Fax: 0755-6112 0112