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Silicone gelatin

Silicone gelatin baby toys made of liquid silicone processing, a variety of fruit shape design, the baby can suck and teeth to promote the baby’s eyes, hand coordination, thus promoting the development of intelligence for 4 months to 2 years old teeth stage Use, according to the drawings to provide samples to sample custom!

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With the continuous improvement of the level of science and technology, children's toy production process will also be promoted to a more advanced level, which also from the toy safety and environmental protection reflects the importance of technical support, especially for silicone The actual experience of color, the colorless and tasteless significant features or the core competitiveness of the core, at least to a certain extent, to improve the consumer experience, after all, children's toys are safe for the consumer is a top priority The

Undeniably, nowadays children's toys have been diversified development, whether it is the shape of the toy or the safety performance of materials, have been a comprehensive upgrade, if these objective factors can be the ultimate advantage, then the silica gel Toy promotion and popularization process will be able to produce more optimistic harvest, and this highlights the player's environmental protection and security of the core role is more thought.

If you can in the toy production process found the superiority of silicone material, it will allow more consumers to its advantages in this area has a rational understanding, after all, many children's toys are not using silicone material, which makes Children play toys at the same time, will inhale unclean air, which also led to a significant decline in toy safety, the key is not in the intricate market environment to seize the initiative, so choose a more secure silicone toys is wise Move.

From this point of view, the material used in silicone toys is a toy dedicated silicone, which can ensure that the production of toys can be a full range of policy support, which is the majority of consumers can be recognized by the majority of consumers believe that the main factors, After all, this life extension of the toy is extremely beneficial.

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