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Company Name: Prosperous Silicone Products (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
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Silicone spatula

Silicone spatula can be used in a variety of pots, do not hurt the pot, non-toxic tasteless health and safety, can withstand the maximum temperature of 250 degrees. This silicone spatula is suitable for use in cast iron stew pots for mixing and stir-frying food!

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Silicone pan shovel protection coating, will not scratch the non-stick pot coating and easy to clean, silicone handle insulation is not hot, feel more comfortable!
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Silicone cooker easy to clean, no water, no mold, front thin, it is easy to stir fry dishes, high temperature, not Jiaohe, not scratching non-stick pan! Do not produce friction in the sound, the non-stick pan has excellent protection, the case of high temperature does not precipitate harmful substances! Silicone shovel high temperature 240 ℃ role, silica gel durable and non-toxic products, the material is similar to the yarn sand from the extraction of ore, products in Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea widely used, safety first!
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We are a professional manufacturer of silicone spatula, a year more than 60 million copies of silicone products export share for the European and American countries to build the brand production, and then export! Our production base is located in Longhua District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, Huahui Road, is a professional production base, concealed a production and sales of more than 10 million of the silicone business, for Europe and the United States and other countries continue to convey the level of the level of silicone products, but also for customers "tailored" All kinds of silicone products!

Company name: thriving silica gel products (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
Address: Shenzhen city Longhua District Road, Dalang street, Benson Baifuli Industrial Zone E building
24 hour call:
18938849531 (Deng Xiaojie)
Line phone: 0755-6116 2288
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